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Ireland 2009 here the colder waters came as a bit of a shock

Ireland 2010 (a) back to green water and whiskey

Ireland 2010 (b) a second gallery taken this year

Ireland 2011 a few images from a short trip to Kenmare Bay

Ireland 2012 (a)  These pictures were taken off the

Cork/Kerry coast in April & May

Ireland 2012 (b)  Another

selection of life in the seas

of S/W Ireland

Ireland 2012 (c)  Crayfish, Wrasse, Squat Lobsters and a couple of diver pictures too

Just Tompot Blenny's, These fun looking fish deserve their own page

Ireland 2012 (d)

It's been a good year for diving ending with a stunning cave dive in amazing clarity

Ireland 2014 (a) This year the seas have been warmer with better visibilty making for some great diving

Ireland 2013 (b) more Nudibranchs and a Tompot Blenny intent on defending it's territory.

Ireland 2013 (c) The Kenmare Bay Tompots are getting very friendly

Ireland 2013 (d) With the water warming to 19 degrees and an amazing interaction with a Tompot it's been a great year

Ireland 2013 (a) This year started with the sighting of several Nudibranchs, many we had not seen before.

Ireland 2014 (c) Another selection of sea life from the Wild Atlantic Way - Ireland

Ireland 2014 (b) Some great Anemone crabs and a sighting of the rare Red-mouth goby.

Ireland 2015 (a) Nesting Corkwing Wrasse and a good number of 

Nudibranchs putting on a show.

Ireland 2015 (b) A rare sighting of a Yellow skirt slug - Okenia elegans and some very friendly Tompot Blennies

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